Monday, May 28, 2007

Training on the Western States Trail

On Friday, Suzanna,Bill, Karen, Chris, and I drove up to Foresthill and met at 7am for a long run. We were to run from Foresthill to Last Chance and back. Three canyons x2. After organizing ourselves,we were off! The weather was warm and muggy as we ran through Volcano Canyon on our way to Michigan Bluff. With clear skies and bright sunny conditions, we knew we needed to watch our fluid and electrolyte intake. At Michigan Bluff we refilled our hydration packs and headed down. Poison oak was everywhere! Lizards and snakes darted between our feet, just escaping being trampled. The river at the bottom is so low compared to how I've seen it before. It has been a dry year. The climb up to the Deadwood water pump was long but we all shared stores and laughs and made the time go more quickly. We refueled at the pump and prepared ourselves for the long downhill. We ran into Ann Trason and her husband Carl as they were running up Devils Thumb. After visiting with them for a few minutes, we were on our way. The climb up to Last Chance is always grueling for me. It always promises to be hot and sticky and the bugs are always awaiting our arrival. It is always a relief to see the Last Chance sign and to touch it! At the sign, we turn around and head back to Foresthill!! Lot's of climbing and pounding downhills. A great day.
On Saturday we all started at Robinson Flat and made our way to Foresthill. Naomi and I ran with Jim (my good friend from Orlando), and we always enjoy each others company. He is a great runner, very strong and has 100s of ultras under his belt. Today's run proved to be easier than yesterday. This was Naomi's first time running in the canyons and she enjoyed them very much. It was great to run with old and new friends. Saturday night was dinner at Awful Annies (same as Friday night), in Auburn where we enjoyed lots of good fun and great crazy conversations. Matt and I shared dinner with Leslie, Tom, Chris, Charles and Mark.
Sundays run from Foresthill to the river was great. We were all tired, but feeling good. It was an awesome weekend. It was also a great confidence booster as I felt really good and strong this weekend. I ran about 90 miles in 3 days and have no soreness or stiffness. The only reminder I had of the hard training was when I climbed up to my Brother's third story at his house and noticed how tired and out of breath I was. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to run this weekend. It is a rare privilege to travel through mountain meadows brimming with wildflowers, rugged canyons, and magnificent pine forests. Happy trails......


olga said...

Wow, Kelly, what an awesome weekend on the WS course! 90 miles, my God! I am looking forward to all you guys and gals running WS this year, rock on!

Jean Pommier said...

Kelly, was nice meeting you at Foresthill on Sunday. I've run a 5K "for Lupus" last week, I'll blog on it later this weekend and will include a link to your story.
Amazing job you do on the trails, see you in two weeks.
Farther, faster.

kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by. Yes, it was great to finally meet you too. You are going to have an awesome run at States this year. See you soon!