Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Long Exciting Adventure

I found this short video of 2006 Western States 100.  It is really exciting for
me to watch. I hope that you will enjoy it too. Western States 100 is on June
23rd. It will be filmed by NBC and it is scheduled to air on August 11th on
Jeep World of Adventure Sports. Enjoy!!


Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...

Hi Kelly,

It seems that you just changed your blog style.

Thanks for the info. Yuki Negoro, whom I paced with last year, and myself are in the video! At the time 2:1? in the video, I was ready to pace him at Michigan Bluff. Yuki is also the one crossing the finish line at the end of the video!

We are excited for the WS100 this year. Yuki is in again. I'll do safety patrol from SV to RF and pace Yuki later.

Love to see you there!


kelly said...

Great!! I am looking forward to running WS! I will look for you guys in the video. Wish Yuki good luck for me.

Bob Gentile said...

love the clip...thanks AND thanks for the NBC heads up on Aug 11th...very cool!!

kelly said...

Thanks Bob, I love your blog and enjoyed reading about your running camp adventure. I need to get a google acct. so I can leave you comments.(I'm a computer dummy)

Lisa B said...

Pretty good video. A little jumping in and out of trail order...but none of that matters when the camera hits that TRACK! I still can FEEL it! :)