Friday, November 16, 2007

The Butt Crack of Dawn

This morning was another day of getting up at the butt crack of dawn, and running with friends. We ran on the Quad Dipsea trail and enjoyed every minute of it. Suzanna, Florencia, Jeff and myself started out, with Suz and I taking a different route on the way back. What a great way to spend a Friday morning. A 20 miler before lunch. Yes!!

On a sad note, my Uncle Don passed away this morning. I am so thankful that he is out of pain and that he can finally be at peace. He had been in horrible pain with Cancer for a long time. He was my favorite Uncle and I will miss him very much. I will never forget him.


Jeff said...


So sorry, but at the same time relieved to hear of your Uncle's passing. Said a small prayer for him and you.

Was so much fun yesterday running on the Quad course, and I have not seen Florencia in forever, so extra nice. Did feel pretty virtuous, by getting the run in, and home so early to get other "stuff" done.

I would like to make it clear to any of the "bloggers" or "lurkers", that Kelly does not exactly tell the truth. This stuff about getting her "butt kicked", "trying to hang " in there on some of these fun trail runs is not accurate. Mostly it is her leading the charge, with me and others trailing, with our tongues hanging out.

Also, Kelly, remember we bought your contract out with the Montrail team, and you are now representing "Team Diablo".

Looking forward to the Quad next week and then WS lottery week after, and then the "Epic" PR run the week after that.


kelly said...

Thanks for stopping by Jeff!! Yes, that was a nice run yesterday. You will have a great race at the Quad. You are running really well. Remember what we talked've got to beat him!

olga said...

Where do you find such pics?? Go for Team Diablo!!!