Friday, November 9, 2007

These animals are what made our 28 mile run at Pt.Reyes National Seashore so incredible. We saw two large herds of Tule Elk, Deer, and a Coyote. The Elk were amazing! They were big as Horses and ran by us with a ROAR of their footsteps. There are approximately 400 Tule Elk living there. There is also an abundance of bird life feeding near the tideline.

Pt.Reyes is a great place to run. We ran through fern covered trails and climbed open single track trails through meadows and up over forested ridges. We ran on the beach and saw fresh Mountain Lion tracks. It is so remote there that you get the feeling that there are many animals watching you. Pt.Reyes National Seashore covers 70,000 acres in Marin County, California.

That run just kicked my royal booty!! It was a great run but I think I lost my sense of humor after about 20 miles. The last 8 miles were a complete and total butt kicking. Suzanna, Jeff, and Tamara were not fazed by our run, but I was screaming for my Mama for several miles. Paul joined us for several miles at the start but had to turn off early due to more IMPORTANT things he had to do. I hope you all had a great day today. I sure did.


Anonymous said...

What a great run! I only did 15 miles and was pooped after my little short cut. The only wild life I was was a couple scraggly runners in the parking lot at 6AM.

28 miles, eh? I knew it would be another sand-bag run! Great to see all of you and I look forward to the next (sand bag) run.


kelly said...

15 miles? That's great. I wondered how far you ran. We were sorry that you couldn't have run the whole way with us. Just another epic day running among friends! Have fun in Hawaii!

Bob Gentile said...

wow looks like a great time...what sites to seeeeeee!! Good job on ur miles.

and my sweet Kelly in post below you said: I quickly grabbed the skull and jaw bones and off we went to conclude our hike. I am excited to add another skull to my collection. Yeah, I know I'm weird. Duh!
lol OK as long as the skulls u collect are of the animal kind...right, ya I know I am right all animal skulls ...right my sweet Kelly friend from the west coast :-)

kelly said...

Hey Bob, I do work at a Morgue once in a while...No worries, I keep all the human remains in the Morgue. I hope you had a great weekend!!