Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Skull and Feathers....Oh My!!

Yesterday Karen and I went on a hike up in Sugarloaf. Neither of us were feeling real energetic and so a hike sounded perfect. It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to see the blue sky. I had worked all day in the Hospital and never got to an area where I could see how the weather was. I was so surprised at how beautiful it was.

As most of you know, I just love finding bones. We found an area that looked like it was a perfect place to see a Mountain Lion. That area is known for cats and we see their prints often. We saw a lot of scat and found a large pile of turkey feathers and a part eaten leg of a big Turkey. Within a couple of yards of that kill, we found a pile of deer bones. It looked like it hadn't been dead for very long. Something large had enjoyed a meal of it. I quickly grabbed the skull and jaw bones and off we went to conclude our hike. I am excited to add another skull to my collection. Yeah, I know I'm weird. Duh!

Tomorrow I am meeting some friends at Pt. Reyes for a 25 mile run. I need to leave my house at 4:45 in order to get there on time. Yikes! I am looking forward to running with my running buds and enjoying a few hours of socializing. Have a wonderful Friday. TGIF tomorrow!!


David Harper said...

Nice Find! So funny that you do that Kelly. I'm the same way, a Hog Boar skull with tusks was our last find. I just updated my Blog with a mention of this years Barkley. So happens I took a great photo of a skull I found there, and used it as the background of the race report page. I so wish I'd kept it, but I was EXHAUSTED when I came across it, and just didn't want to carry anything else up and down those hills.

kelly said...

I know!! I am excited to read about Barkley on your blog. I thought of you when I was carrying my skull home. Those teeth would look good on a necklace! Hah!