Friday, October 10, 2008

A bit of my life of running

I spent the whole day running around town trying to find stuff for my race tomorrow. All the way across town for 2 packages of Luna Moons. Back to another part of town for this, and for that. Whew! I'm exhausted. I think I will feel more rested after the race!

Last night I went over to my brother and sister in laws house to visit with their two kids. My brother asked his 4 year old to clip his hair, and Tyler attempted to do that. When he lost interest after a few minutes, I took over. Within about a minute, the clippers died, so my brother is left looking like he has had brain surgery. I don't do anything with any rhythm or rhyme so his hair is really botched up. Sorry, Wally!

I wanted to show you all some pics from my running life. I will attempt to do this again. My blogging skills are less than okay, and putting these pics up have proven to be beyond my blog abilities. I am going to try again.

This is a pic of Matt and I during the Miwok 100k a few years ago.

Matt and I on the Hardrock 100 course in 2006.

Wasatch 100 2006

Western States 100 2007 with my Mom.

Grand Canyon r2r2r 2006

Headlands 50 2008

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