Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A fun weekend

Matt and I getting ready to hand out candy on Halloween last year. Only 3 weeks till trick or treat time! What are you going to dress up as?

Boy, did we have a nice weekend! Saturday night we had a nice dinner with friends at someones ranch. It was really fun and we enjoyed meeting a few new people. Most of the people there are our "once a year friends." We see them at the ranch or at a party maybe once a year. They are a great group of people. Cattle ranchers, horsemen, and grape growers. Always a lot to talk about.

This is a picture of my Mom and I on my 50Th Birthday.

Sunday night my Mom and Lloyd, my sister Shawn and her friend Brenda, and Matt and I got together for dinner at our house. We had so much fun talking about the past. We laughed our butts off thinking back to High School when I were getting ready for my High School graduation school trip. We were to take the bus to L.A. for a one day trip to Disneyland. The park was opened only to high school seniors. We were so excited!! When the school announced that we had to wear matching pants and tops and jackets, my Mom was all over it. She pulled out her pink and white checked seersucker pantsuit (elastic waisted pants, mind you), and exclaimed, "I've got the perfect outfit for you!" Let me fill you in on a few facts. I am 5'7. My Mom is 5'3. I have long legs. My Mom has shorter legs. I was 18. My Mom was 45. NO ONE in high school wore elastic waisted pants, much less pink and white checkered, and Seersucker? OMG!!! It was so embarrassing! I remember walking into the park with my pants pulled up high so that the crotch of the pants wouldn't be down past my knees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I hear a loud voice on a speaker. Stop!! "Yes, you with the checkered jacket. Is your outfit matching?" Everyone stops and turns to look. I am dying inside. I can't believe it. I am being checked out. Everyone is staring and the man waves me through. I am free to be a teenager in my Mom's outfit. The pants are too short, the waist is too high, and the lapel on the jacket is just too much. I am wearing the outfit that my Mom has made for herself. I died a thousand deaths that night, but we have laughed over that story a million times since. The photo albums proved my story.
Brenda looked at a few pics of my wedding and just cracked up. She kept saying, these pictures are HILARIOUS!! Have you ever heard someone tell you that someones wedding photo's are hilarious? Well, now you have. We were hysterical. The pics were hilarious and I looked like a total dork.

A great night with Lot's of stories. One of these days I will figure out how to get them on my blog. I guarantee that you will laugh too!


shawn said...

I am STILL laughing! Kelly, I can STILL see you in that pink and white checkered searsucker outfit. You really should have worn that for halloween and went as a picnic table!

Believe me, Mom STILL tries and gets me to wear her outfits. The last time I wore a dress of hers (two years ago?) one of the 1980s shoulder pads slipped out and someone kicked it against the wall, shouting, "Gross!" (They never saw anything like it. They thought it was a kotex pad).

Courtney Ridgway said...

mommm i was so nervous to go to disneyland for grad night cuz of that story haaha and i forgot matt was a csi guy for halloween and you were a peacock right?! haha that was soo funny. i think your wedding pictures were cute mom!! love you

kelly said...

I love you bug! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I can't wait to see you and Chelsea this weekend. I miss you soooo much.