Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wild Dollar Bill Bradley......extreme athlete

My friend Wild "Dollar Bill" Bradley was on the channel 4 Sports seqment with Gary Radnich out of San Francisco on Monday night. I have talked about Bill on my blog before. He is a great guy and a good friend that I met a couple of years ago. We have enjoyed some running together and I always get a kick out of him. He is one funny guy! On Friday, Oct.3 through Sunday, Oct. 5th, Bill will be competing in the Virginia Triple Ironman. This race consists of a 7.2 mile swim, followed by a 336 mile bike, followed by a 78.6 mile run. Read more about my crazy, extreme friend by going to his website. He says he has two talents....showing up and suffering. You will understand what he means when you read what he has been up to. Good luck, Bill!

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