Monday, October 13, 2008

Typical Monday

Before I say anything, I want you to go to my friend Ronda's blog and check her out. Wow, what a body! Ronda is an awesome fast ultra runner from Oregon and a very amazing person. Check out her blog, and be prepared to be impressed! She keeps me motivated and inspired everyday.

Here is a few pics of me at the Firetrails 50 miler this Saturday.

Today was the typical Monday at work. I heard that my good friend and Doctor is dying of Brain Cancer. He went home from the hospital today with Hospice. He was diagnosed in January. Several of the Doc's I work with have died of Brain Cancer. Scary to think about and kinda creepy too. It makes you wonder what is in the hospital that could be contributing to this sudden rise in Brain Cancer. Remember to live each day as best as you can. We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

I am just about ready to blow a gasket over our new Comcast internet service. Don't even get me started, but I will say that we only have 358 days left of our 1 year contract!! Have a great week. Thank you Pete Hazarian and John Medinger for the photos.


olga said...

Hey, you should try this body thing also! You already have no fat, just tan up - and go!
Looking very happy on trails!

meredith said...

Wow, thanks for sending me that way. She is incredible! Speaking of incredible...awesome job this weekend. So good to visit post-race. I can't wait to see your training for Costa Rica; what an amazing present!! See you in 2009.

Rooster said...

Wow Kelly, I come to visit your blog and I see my picture. It almost scared me to death but thanks for the vote of confidence and the very nice words. Olga's right, you're ready to go...all you need is some spray paint and a rhinestone studded posing suit.

Congratulations on your run. I hope to see you at a race soon. I am venturing to CA for a couple this year.

kelly said...

Olga and Ronda, you two are too funny! I would scare the crap out of the audience! Thanks anyway.

kelly said...

Meredith, it was great seeing you too, this weekend. Great running, Mer. You looked awesome as always. Keep healthy!