Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I hope you enjoy these few pics from Costa Rica. What a beautiful country!

I went for a run today in Annadel. I just love this park. I use to ride my horse there when I was little. It was always a long day, because my house was quite a long way from it and after riding in the 5000 acre park all day, I would ride home. In my 20's, I use to ride and train my horse for endurance racing there, too. It has always been a special place to me. The lake is finally rising with all this rain and it's beginning to look "beautiful" again.

Sugarloaf Park is another favorite place of mine to run. The trails are steep, but it is an excellent place to train for ultra's. I try and get over there a couple of times a week and it is always a peaceful place. Not many people go there and so my "twisted sister" Suz, and I always run there without ever seeing anyone.

My son Caleb and I want to do a backpacking trip together this summer. I am excited to spend the time with him. I hope he wants to do a trip to Mt. Whitney too. Lots of things to think about. I may run a race in Colorado also. Training at altitude is important, so I may have to incorporate that into my schedule. So many things to do, so little time.........


Bob - said...

I fell into a large body of water as I tried to navigate my way through the jungle
Just read ur race recap below Kelly that point (above statement) I would have shot up a flare to the sky for a helicopter to race in throw me a line and take me over to the pool for margaritas :-) huh that wasn't an option ? !! - lol

CRAZY Stuff, CONGRATS!!! and great pics, what an adventure!

meredith said...

You are amazing and the pictures are fantastic! Thank you, thank you!!

If you are around and planning to run this weekend, please shoot me an email: I will be in Napa tomorrow-Sunday.

kelly said...

Hey are too funny! I hope your running is going well. I have been lazy about keeping up on everyones blog these days. The reason? I joined Facebook! I will catch up with my reading this weekend.

kelly said...

Hey Mer, I look forward to running with my Texas friend this weekend. I can't wait to see you!