Monday, February 2, 2009

A note from Kelly to her family

Here is a portion of a letter Kelly has just written to us. I thought I would post it here as well, so you can read about her experience. ~shawn

I just finished my second day and I am now in 3rd place. The heat and humidity is staggering. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever done. It is also the most incredible thing I have ever done. What can I say about the first two days? Heat, humidity, mud, snakes, swamp, lots of no trails. Just straight up the rainforest. At times it is a little scary, but it is simply amazing. I told one of the race directors today, that if I died after this race, it would be okay. My life would be complete. It rained alot yesterday and the humidity was horrible. We got up at 330 am today and the heat and humidity was horrible. It is like being in a steam room 24-7. This race is not for everyone, that is for sure. It is hard to stay organized and putting the tent up in the pouring rain is quite comical.

I miss you all. Please don´t worry about me. I am having the time of my life. Tomorrow is a very hard day. It is hard to imagine running in this terrain again. I am feeling good though. The people here are great. Matt is rafting down a river today and I hope he is having fun.

You may view daily photos here)


IM Able said...

Wonderfully exciting! Thanks for the update and picture. Can't wait to hear how today went. Be safe!

Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB #3, you will always be #1 in my book Kelly! I am glad to hear that you are still feeling strong on this 2nd day going into the third. I looked at the photos on flickr and see you in your pink hat and SMILE BIG cause I know where ya are in the photo even if I don't see that great energetic smile...........Keep Head Strong and you just do YOUR best and you will be a WINNER! XO

Go Matt, hope you are enjoying your leisurely

Sprinkles of Family said...

Thanks for the update! You had me at snakes, ugh. Heat, humidity, tents, lay it on, but the snakes, no way!

Keep up the good work!

Todd Bertolone said...

Way to go, Kelly! You have been an inspiring influence on my running career in the last couple of years since I met you. This adventure, no doubt, is a such a neat experience. Yeah, you'll experience a great deal of pain, but the memories that you are creating will last forever. There are many days that I wish I could be you. Keep smiling and charging through this.
Best to you, Todd Bertolone