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Kelly still in 3rd place after Day Three

Here is the recap for those who are following Kelly's World’s Expedition Run™run in Costa Rica. (posted by her sister, Shawn)

The Coastal Challenge 2009 – Day Three Race Recap – 2/3/09
The Coastal Challenge Kicks Into High Gear on Day Three

Tuesday Sent Competitors on a Literal Marathon Journey That Zigzagged From Beach to Forest to Road; Costa Rican Javier Montero Pulls Away From Field


While the Adventure Category of The Coastal Challenge (TCC) is listed as an abbreviated version of the 230-kilometer Expedition Category, there were no short routes on day three. Expedition racers tackled a 53-kilometer course and adventure racers battled a near 30-kilometer route, which, in addition to being the longest of the event, challenged competitors with blistering sand, cool rivers, and dusty roads before ending at the pristine coastline of Playa Ventanas. Javier Montero of Costa Rica finished first to add to his three-day lead in the men’s expedition category.

Defending Champion Montero finished first (6:30) for the third straight day, widening his overall lead. A pig farmer from a rural village in the central Costa Rican mountains, Montero trained for the race by lifting weights and running mountain trails. Montero, speaking through a translator, said that the hot, hard asphalt during the road stretch took a toll on his feet. He added that the best part the day was the river, because it was something new and required swimming and scrambling.

David James, who took the early lead on the waterfall trail, fell behind Montero during the flat beach section, and finished second . Scott Jurek of the U.S. came in third. After three days of racing, the overall results leave Montero in first, followed by James and Jurek.

American Jaclyn Greenhill (6:09) finished first in the women’s expedition category and retains the overall lead. Ligia Madrigal of Costa Rica finished second after getting lost in the waterfall section; despite taking an alternate, longer route to the finish line, she made up time on the road section to remain second overall, just 7 minutes behind. in a tight rice with Greenhill. Kelly Ridgway of the U.S. is third after finishing No. 3 on Tuesday.

Though a few competitors dropped from the Expedition to the Adventure category after day two, the entire field of 76 racers competed on day three on a course titled “Taste the Coastal Acid” that moved from Playa Dominical to Playa Ventanas. According to competitors, the course – despite intense heat and humidity – was epic.

“Even though it was really hot today, I enjoyed the beach and loved hearing the sound of the surf,” said Canadian Jackie Mack who is competing in the Adventure category. Mack, just 20 days away from hip replacement surgery, was exhausted but in good spirits before eating dinner at the day three campsite, located in a grassy field about 200 yards from Playa Ventanas, or “windows beach.” (The beach was named Ventanas because of the caves that cut through its coastal rock to provide a view of crashing surf.)

Bill Butcher of the U.S. finished first in the men's adventure category (4:08), while Carla Cesaroni came in first in the women's field .
Team "No Artificial Ingredients" from Costa Rica again placed first in the team category.

“We threw competitors a curveball with a waterfall traverse at the beginning of the course,” said Rodrigo Carazo, race designer, who set up day three so that competitors were forced to cross several rivers. “Today was another difficult trek into remote areas of Costa Rica that visitors would never see or experience on any type of tour.”

Day four’s “Revenge of the Borucas” course will offer a respite from today’s marathon-length distance, but will feature a trampoline of ascents and descents.

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About The Coastal Challenge
The Coastal Challenge is the “World’s Expedition Run™,” releasing runners over approximately 230 kilometers of exotic and wild Costa Rican mountainous regions and rugged coastline. For six days, runners embrace the spirit of adventure, discovery and camaraderie within a long distance running competition while navigating wide river crossings, rainforests, jungles, windswept highlands, beaches, and rock outcroppings. It is an expedition run of epic proportions introducing competitors to the hospitality of the local Tico culture while pushing the limits of their will and endurance. For more information visit or

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