Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Hazmat runner

Today I had a nice run in Annadel with Suz. I ran for 1.5 hours and she continued on. She has some serious training to do as San Diego 100 is her next 100 miler. I am not feeling especially motivated at the moment, so I need to get a goal. Any ideas? Anyone??? I also returned my new camera for another camera that is waterproof. It is an Olympus Stylus 1030 SW. It is going to work out great because it is almost break proof. I like that.

Tonight Matt and I went to see Sunshine Cleaning. It is a really good movie. It has some humor and some tenderness all rolled into one. It is a story about two sisters who start a business cleaning up crime scenes. I could relate to that because I have done a similar job. No, I have never cleaned up a crime scene or anything that gross. I have worked for a crime scene clean-up service, doing some other rather weird stuff. Let's leave it at that. Working at the morgue was interesting, not gross, and another job I did was just plain wrong. My friend Karen worked with me on that one. We spent most of the day sweating in a hazmat suit, under a bridge, with tools, and rat's, saying OMG almost continually. We looked like albino Umpa Loompa's. The pay was great. Who else would do it? Anyways, the movie was good. I highly recommend it.

Tomorrow we work in the yard. Our front yard looks like a forest. No, seriously. It's embarrassing. It's time to do something drastic. Like setting a bomb in the yard and starting over. Matt and I totally suck at yard work. We need a gardener. No, we need a hazmat crew to come in and do a major cleanup. Kinda like a crime scene without the blood. Hee Hee.

Have a wonderful Sunday and don't forget to do something fun. Life is short, play hard.

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Have fun working in the "jungle". A little bit of wild in the city is a great thing! I'm sure the birds love it.