Sunday, July 22, 2007

Badwater Ultramarathon-Challenge of the Champions

Tomorrow morning starts the Badwater Ultramarathon race. It is a 135 mile race that starts in Death Valley, 282 ft. below sea level, and finishes at Mt. Whitney at 8360 ft. The air temperature can hit 130 degrees, the pavement much hotter. This brutal, nonstop race requires an unusual commitment and discipline to train. Three friends of mine will be out there running this race. They all will run this race for different reasons. All three of them have put in many miles of running, hours in the sauna heat training and a incredible desire to finish this race many of us cannot fathom. I will be watching and cheering on, Lisa Bliss, Dave Harper, and Arthur Webb.

Arthur will be running his tenth Badwater in a row at the young age of 65! He is running to raise money for the Valley of the Moon Childrens Home. He is also running to honor his former crew member Vince Pedroia, who died in May. Vince was a friend of mine too and a great animal Neurosurgeon.

You may go to this site and watch a short video of the Badwater race. I hope you enjoy it.

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