Thursday, July 5, 2007

Promising to do our BEST!!!!

My friend Bob turned me onto this great video clip. It was so inspirational and emotional that I just had to agree with him that it is totally worth sharing. Promising to do our Best at everything we do is the best we can ask for. Don't settle for anything except for being the best we can be. Whether it is running, swimming, or just being you, striving to give our everything leaves us with no regrets. And having no regrets is what allows us to feel free. Get out there today and do your BEST!! You won't regret it!! (no pun intended)


Bob Gentile said...

well said "SILVER Buckle" Kelly:-) good summary and thanks for sharing this clip with others ...I promise to give my BEST!!

kelly said...

Bob, of course I know that you always give your BEST! You are too positive of a person to not strive for that. I have faith in you!

olga said...

What awesome! Brought tears to my eyes. I am going to steal it from Bob too.