Monday, July 9, 2007

Running Fast and Feeling Down

I had a good run last evening, despite feeling emotionally drained and weary. Matt's father is very ill with Colon cancer and my Uncle is in an Oregon hospital dying of Lymphoma. To top that off my Mom found a lesion on her leg that the Doc wants to further evaluate with another biopsy. To say that I am feeling depressed is an understatement. I am sure that it doesn't help that I am coming off of a high from W.S. and everything seems overwhelming at this time. It's time to pick myself up and put a smile on my face! Life is just too short to stay feeling like this.

Back to my run. It felt good to run the trails and I felt like I was flying! The funny thing is, I was probably just coasting along. It does feel good to feel like you are really moving even if no one else thinks you are. It's time for me to get my butt back in the pool. I really miss swimming and the way it makes me feel. Nothing hurts and you've had a complete body workout. Wednesday will be my first day in the pool since W.S. As you recall, my swimming was really sucking and I needed to concentrate on my running and so my swimming really suffered.

Well, I am off to the Hospital for a day of fun and hard work. I hope everyone has a good day at their jobs or just a fun day doing something that makes you happy.


GB said...

Kelly I'm sorry to hear about Matt's father and your uncle. I will say prayers for all of you, and for your mom, that the lesion turns out to be nothing. Hang in there, keep running, and I'm sure swimming will help you feel better too.

RR said...


My prayers go out to you and your family. When we seem to be traveling the highest and steepest mountain around eventually it comes down.

It was very nice meeting you at States. What a fabulous runner you are!