Monday, July 23, 2007

Never stay at the Nugget Motel in Carson City!!

Saturday I paced my friend Karyn Hoffman at the Tahoe Rim Trail 50 mile. I ran 25 miles with her and really enjoyed doing so. Karyn has not been training like she would have liked to, due to an injury to her lower leg. Despite her lack of conditioning and time on her feet, she did awesome. Unfortunately, I don't know her exact time, (the results are not posted yet), but I think she will do great at Leadville. I am a true believer in not overtraining and her layoff might just pay off for her.

I've just got to tell you about my funny Motel stay. Matt was on call for the weekend, so I went up to Carson City alone. My friend Karen told me about this GREAT place that they were familiar with, and so I booked a room for Friday night. When I arrived in town, I excitedly drove to my Motel and just about died when I saw the place!! It is set up to rent to people from one day to a month. As you can imagine, the place was just a haven for the unlovely. There was a man out in front of his room BBQing on the bed of his truck!! Every resident looked like they had been up partying for days. There is a saying in the horse world-----"rode hard and put away wet". Yup, that is exactly what they all looked like. It was the perfect place for someone to end their life. A cheap motel on a side street behind a casino. I tried not to think about what these walls had seen. The room was clean though and I just had to laugh when I sat there alone in this raunchy Motel. Oh, note to self, never stay at the Nugget Motel again. I kept waiting for someone to knock on the door looking for a "date". Wow. Karen and I got a big laugh out of this experience.
My sister Shawn's birthday is today and we celebrated with her by going out to dinner. Happy Birthday, Shawn. I love you!!!!


Brian Thomas said...

Yikes. I think I staying in the mid-west version of the Nugget in Peoria, IL. It was the Kontiki Inn or something like that.

Great blog by the way!

kelly said...

Thanks, Brian for checking out my blog. Beware of any version of the Nugget, anywhere! LOL