Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Sister Shawn

Shawn is my younger sister. She is 2 years younger than me and lives about 2 miles from our house. She is an artist, and unlike me, is very creative. She can draw like nobody's business, and she is quite the home decorator. She is in a constant state of redesigning her home. Every time I visit, she has new color on her walls, or a new plant or tree in her yard. I wish I was as talented as Shawn is. She inherited her creative abilities from both my Mom and my Dad. I, on the other hand, got the gift of gab. Go figure.

Shawn has lot's of friends and loves to travel. She is also really good with managing her money. I'm not sure where she got that trait from. That is not a trait I even came close to getting. As I have mentioned in this blog before, I spend everything I have and then more. Shawn is also a great writer and you will enjoy her blog because she always has something funny to say.

I don't know if any of you remember the DeFranco family, but they were a singing group when I was a teenager. My sister just loved Tony DeFranco and once while traveling with our family across the U.S. and Canada, she insisted that we take a drive 150+ miles out of our way to drive past their home in Canada!! Well, to make a very LONG story short, we found their home and we actually went up to the door and knocked. The DeFranco's dad was there preparing their home to sell and let us come in and take a tour. Believe it or not, somewhere, we have a picture of my sister Shawn sitting on their toilet. She wanted to get their kooties or something like that. I still laugh when I think back on that trip.

I am lucky to have a sister like Shawn. I know that I can count on her and she is always available to help me with this blog. She is great with computers and tivo's and everything mechanical and she can even fix things that are broken in her home. I am not able to do any of those things. Sometimes, I pretend to be good at mechanical things, and people who don't know me might think I am creative. Do I look creative? I think not. Shawn is an artist, writer and story teller, I am an athlete who can skin a snake, climb mountains, and has dreams of exploring Africa. I asked Matt what creative abilities I possess. He thought long and hard and finally came up with....."you make people smile." Hah!! Oh well, I know he loves me very much. With or without any real creative traits.


Bob Gentile said...

Kelly Said:I am lucky to have a sister like Shawn.
Yes u are, I went over to her blog and she is funny and does support u a lt, very cool!

kelly said...

Thanks, Bob for checking out Shawns blog. She's pretty funny!