Friday, July 27, 2007

Congratulations Badwater friends

I wanted to let everyone know how my friends did at Badwater last week. I am a little slow at updating their triumphs. Sorry about that! Lisa Bliss did an incredible job with an outstanding time of 34:33:40!! She was the 1st women finisher!! What a studette!! Arthur Webb ran a very impressive race and finished in 37:48:35!! Arthur is 65 and this is his 10th finish. Dave Harper had a fantastic race and finished this difficult race in 46:13:35!! I am so proud of all of them and to their commitment to challenge themselves and to push the limits. They are all very motivational "movers and shakers". So let's all get our groove on and do something to challenge ourselves physically this weekend. You will feel better for it....guaranteed.


David Harper said...

Thanks Kelly! I appreciate your commments and emails during my race. You're doing Wasatch? I'll be there pacing this year.

kelly said...

Oh great!! Who are you pacing? It will be great to see you. I hope you are taking it easy and resting. Wow, I can't imagine running Badwater. You are awesome!