Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Irvine, California or bust

This past Saturday, my daughter Chelsea and I drove her car down to Los Angeles to her new home. She will be starting school next week in Irvine. We had a long, HOT trip down there. I was afraid to put on the air conditioning as I was scared that her older car might overheat. I think we both lost at least 10 pounds on that trip. Of course, we couldn't have the windows down, it would mess up our hairdo's. My son is going to school down there also, but is living in Newport Beach right now. Next month he will move into his frat house and then Chelsea and he will live a block away from each other. I am very happy about that. We had a great time together. It was a busy two days filled with doing all the necessary things we needed to do. It was so sad to leave them both again. I miss having Caleb around and it is always sad to say goodbye. I wish that Matt and Courtney could have gone down too, but I hope to make a trip down there with them soon.

17 more days until the start of Wasatch!! I feel good about the race this year. I do need to find a pacer from Brighton to the finish. Wish me luck!!!

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Bob Gentile said...

Yupper School time starting now, Summer went quick seems like only yesterday I remember my child in diapers (huh, wait I dont have any kids) ---just sounded nice to say something like that-lol

OK as U can tell I am in BORED Taper time here in FL and trying not to lose it (huh, wait Bob u lost it a long time ago) geesh another thing that sounded nice to say...

HMM do I have anything to say..OH YES

Sounds like you have raised some great kids and even though it's a little sad when they leave...u guys are always a phone call away :-)

NOW go find ur pacer already!! ur race is coming up:-)