Friday, August 10, 2007

Training runs and having fun

Tomorrow is the inaugural Headlands 50-100 mile race in Sausalito, Calif. I am running the 50 mile as a training run for Wasatch 100 in Sept. My friend Bill Bradley is running the 100 mile. I do have to say that I am happy to be doing only the 50 mile. It's a tough course with beautiful views of the Golden Gate Bridge and of the ocean.

My training has been lousy at best. With 29 more days until Wasatch, it's time to get it together. I talked to my pacer Sunny Blende last night and we are going to have fun out there on the beautiful trails in Utah. We are planning on going on a night run next week to try out our lights and just visit.

I was asked to pace at the San Diego 100 mile in October by my friend, Melanie Johnson. It took about 2 seconds to respond with a big, I'd love to! I have paced Melanie at Wasatch before and we really had a great time. It's a great opportunity to get a chance to run on a course that I have never seen before. I am looking forward to it.

Let me explain the pic of ah, Kelly Bonds, or ah, Barry Ridgway. I came home one day to find that a picture of me running that was on our computers wallpaper, was gone and Barry Bonds was in it's place. Matt thought he was so funny, because he knows that I do not like Barry. We all got a good laugh out of that one. Chelsea came up with a better idea. While Matt was at work she morphed my face onto Barry's and now Matt has the best of both worlds. Everytime he turns on the computer he gets to see Barry and me. Lucky guy!!


olga said...

Have a blast, Kelly! I'll be near by running Cool night and then might stop by Headlands on Sunday to pick up my friend - though I hope he'd be done and home by then:) And SD is a beautiful course!

kelly said...

Have fun out at Cool. That sounds like fun. I hope your training is going well. I wish we lived closer so that we could train together.

Bob Gentile said...

LOLOLOL Hey Kelly Bonds---ahhh that's funny...ya I am not a fan of barry either, the guy is under major tax evasion, no doubt used steriods...u dont get that big in a short period not using roids like he did and then the way he acts and talks like he is above everyone..(he may be good with his family--so that is good, but who really knows on that one either) well it all comes around he will have to answer sooner or later:-)

Have a great Training run!!

kelly said...

Hey Bob, thanks and I am glad that I am not the only one who doesn't like Barry. Have a great day!