Friday, August 24, 2007

Wasatch 100 time!!

In 15 days, I will line up to start the Wasatch 100 mile race just outside of Salt Lake City Utah in the Wasatch Mountains. I am starting to get excited, because last year at this time, I struggled to stay up with my running friends and I felt sick and very tired. It wasn't fun starting a race feeling that way. This year I feel good and I am excited to start this tough, challenging course.

Today, my friend Suzanna and I ran for about 4 hours in our favorite park called Sugarloaf. We did a lot of climbing and a lot of sweating! If I didn't know better, I would think that I was running in a humid part of the U.S. It felt very humid and hot out there. We came across a large rattlesnake that warned us with a loud BUZZ and a coiled body. Suzanna just about stepped on it. She is training for a 100 miler called Angeles Crest 100 which is in 3 weeks. She is an awesome runner and I know that she will totally kick butt there.

For me, it is time to taper. I know that I need to get more rest and to prepare myself for any kind of weather. I have been out on that trail when it was so cold that I could hardly move. I don't ever want to be that cold again.

I was thinking about what it takes to be an ultra runner.... Many people run short distances and never feel the discomfort of really pushing yourself. Ultra runners need to become comfortable being uncomfortable. It's just that simple. Long distance running hurts. You must dig deep and keep on digging. There is a great sense of accomplishment in finishing a race that you did your best on. Whether you came in first or last, if you put everything out on the line and didn't quit, you are a winner. "To be successful you need a unique mindset. You need the ability to deal with fatigue and discomfort. It's a skill that comes through repetition and hard training. You learn to keep going even when things feel horrible." Matt Aro

In closing, I would like to thank my dear friend Tom Crull from Dallas, Texas who sent me a beautiful granite plaque honoring my Western States 100 mile finish. I got it in the mail yesterday and was so surprised. He is so special and I am honored to call him my friend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with lot's of laughs and beautiful runs. Happy trails.


Anonymous said...

good luck Kelly at Wasatch. i am sending this early so that i don't miss you. i will be leaving tomorrow to run GTR 100. i hope you have a wonderful and safe race!


kelly said...

Thanks, Leigh. Good luck to you too! Are you ready? Go get em! Take care of yourself out there, and have fun.

Dave's blog said...

Hi kelly, I'm Dave from memphis, and a long-time friend of Shawn. I am a runner but have as of late been in a slump, but I do have 2 full marathons and a bunch of halfs under my belt. I hope to do an ultra someday, but with this Memphis heat, not anytime soon. I just checked out your blog, and wanted to drop you a line to say how inspiring you are. I'll keep pluggin' away till I do my first ultra. I'll throw a prayer your way for your good health and success!
keep on goin'!
ps. Shawn's pretty doggone proud of you, but I'm sure you know that.
You must be a good sister.

kelly said...

Thanks Dave, for stopping by and checking out my blog. I look forward to reading your's as well. Keep running, it is great therapy and such a wonderful way to see places you might never get a chance to see. I know how hard it must be to get out the door in that Tenn. humidity!! Hold on, winter is coming!!

David Harper said...

Good luck at Wasatch! I know you're ready.

olga said...

Kelly, best and best of every bit of everything at Wasatch to you! I'll be "watching" you and wishing you great run!

Trail Goat said...

I just searched to see what bloggers were talking about the Wasatch 100 and yours came up. It turns out we're teammates! :-) Anyway, best of luck at Wasatch in two two weekends. What a great race - I ran (awfully) at Wasatch in 2005, paced last year, and will pace again this year. I don't think I could NOT be in the Wasatch Front on race day with the spectacular course, great weather, and wonderful/inspiring people. I can't wait to fly to SLC tomorrow!

Happy Trails,

kelly said...

Byron, thanks for the note. Have fun out there pacing. I am excited to be going too. Wasatch is so beautiful. I will keep my eyes out for you.

Lisa B said...

Have a great race at Wasatch, Kelly. You will do great there! It's gonna be a good year...
I'll be cheering for you from here.

Julie B said...

Hi Kelly, thanks for the note! Good luck at Wasatch, I'll think of you too while I'm running Superior.