Sunday, August 5, 2007

nizlopi- jcb song

My daughter Courtney showed me this video and I fell in love with included. It reminded me how important Dads are, especially when we are young and vulnerable. My brother Wally is a great Dad and I can picture him and his son Tyler in this video.


shawn said...

aww.. that's a sweet video! It DOES remind me of them. Infact, just yesterday, while my front door was open with just the screendoor, I heard a creak and then saw a tiny happy face pop in and shout: "SURPRiiiiiiiiiiSE!!!!" It was Tyler and then Wally behind him. And it was a surprise. A very sweet surprise.

Bob Gentile said...

Ya thats a better ride then the school bus :-)

nice video!

Anonymous said...

Nice Video. It reminded me of Dad and I when I was growing up and realized that maybe one day Tyler will think of the two of us together as well. Thanks.