Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A beautiful day for a run!

On Sunday, Florencia, Leslie, Suzanna, and I ran at Pt. Reyes. It was an incredibly beautiful, warm day at the beach. I ran just 20 miles, as I turned off early to get home to hang out with Chelsea before she left for school. Florencia, Leslie and Suzanna ran about 30 miles. There was so many people out on Sunday! Cyclists, runners and horseback riders. Being out on a day like that is what it is all about.

I feel like I am getting my conditioning back. I didn't feel real tired after the 20 miles and that is really encouraging. I am continuing to do my boy pushups and a patient of mine showed me the correct way to execute the squat yesterday. Things are looking up! Have a great day today!

Don't complain; just work harder.


olga said...

Such positive attitude all around! Just wait, with all those push ups and squats - you'll be flying at races even easier!

Bob Gentile said...

Kelly Said:I ran just 20 miles,
ahhhh I love Ultra Runners :-) just 20 huh .... I am SO trying to get my groove back, I was huffing and puffing on running for 60mins (sigh))) just have to be patient I guess and keep moving forward.

Well good news is my foot feels good as well as my Achilles today.

Best wishes on ur progress as well, oh and I need to get back to my Air Squats tooo


kelly said...

Thanks Olga, I sure hope I see and feel the results of pushups and squats. Good job at OP 50!

kelly said...

Yeah Bob, I huff and puff running 60 minutes too. Some days are diamonds and some days are stones. Most of the time if I have a good mind set the run seems easier. Oh, the games we play.... I'm so glad that your injury is feeling better. I hate to be injured!! Now get going on those air squats!