Saturday, March 1, 2008

A beautiful weekend

I am tired today. The last four days has been full of good quality running. Matt and I are resting today and spent most of the morning loading up the truck with brush and clippings and hauling it to the dumps.

When I was a kid, the dumps was one of my favorite places to go. Well, it was one of my favorite places to go as an adult too. But the dump is different today, and it is not quite so entertaining:)

I have been a wimp with push-ups and have always done them girl style. Yesterday, I hammered out 15 boy push-ups!! Of course, not all at once, but it sure made me feel good. I just need to remember to do them and soon I will be really buff. Ha Ha. There is something so scrawny about my arms and back. I need some definition. FAST!

Last week I went to a sports podiatrist and he fitted me for some custom orthotics. I hope that they will help support my bad ankle. He is confident that they will. I also joined the Tamalpa Running group which is in Marin County. I am looking forward to running with them more often.

My good friends Chris Garcia, Tom Crull, and Olga Varlamova are running Old Pueblo 50 mile today. I hope they are having a great run out there. Rumor has it that it is very warm out there. RD's Duane and Juli Arter are just great. Unfortunately, this is their last year as Race Directors.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. It is a beautiful day here in Santa Rosa. Tomorrow I am running in Marin with some friends. Should be a hard run.


olga said...

Thanks for sending good vibes, dear! Boy, was it hot...tell me again, why are we in it? :) Loved it! Miwok is the next get-away, see you there!!!

David said...

Whats the beautiful horse photo?
I see Olga's mention of Miwok, What a GREAT run! I miss that one. Have fun.

elizabeth said...

Hi Kelly,

I Like your blog. I grew up in Sonoma County, but live in Montana now.

I was wondering, from your pictures, it looks like you have used both the Ultimate Direction, the Nathan and maybe Camelback hydration packs. Which one do you like best. I'm still searching for one that will fit me well.

Hope you post more soon.

kelly said...

Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I use both the Ultimate Direction Wasp and the Nathan Intensity. I love them both. I love that they have pockets in front for easy access. I am sponsored by Nathan, but I like that the UD is just a tad bigger. They are both light and don't bounce. I use a camelback bladder in both because I like how easy it is to fill during races. Ultimate Direction (UD) has a new womens pack like the wasp that a few of my friends like. I haven't tried it yet. I can't remember the name either. Good luck!