Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally, a new car

I have been without a car for over a month now. We have not been car-less,we do have a Honda Pilot, but my much loved car failed smog, and I have not been legally able to drive it. It has been the total pits, believe me. I have begged, borrowed, and rented vehicles while waiting to buy another car. Finally....on Monday, I purchased a totally cute red ruby Honda Element! I am more than thrilled! I hear it is the perfect cyclist's car. Damn, does that mean I need to shine up my bike and head for the trails? I was riding my bike to work, but I have been slacking off lately. Note to self.... ride my bike to work this week.

My running since TRT has been sketchy at best. I came out of TRT with a very sore back rib, and a horribly inflamed PF. Our bed is so full of lumps and bumps (it's only 3 years old), that I toss and turn all night with total hip and back pain, making me utterly exhausted. So hows that for training! I wake up feeling like I ran a hard 100 miler and I have never left my bed. Not good. Once again, we are in search of the perfect mattress.

I am running Headlands 50 mile this next Saturday. I would like to beat my time of 9:01 from last year. I should be able to do that if things go as I want them to. Unfortunately, we all know that anything can happen out on the trail that we don't expect.

I received a bottle of Recover-ease in the mail the other day. I am anxious to try it after Headlands and see how I feel. Thanks, Bob, for recommending it to me.

Nothing to much interesting to say except that my youngest daughter is in Barbados vacationing, and my oldest son, is in Cancun. Wow, are they lucky! It must be nice, I think my kids have seen more of the world than I have. Today, Matt and I are going to the County fair to people watch. It is always a good place to get your confidence built up. If you are feeling ugly, go to the fair. I guarantee that you will feel like a prince or princess after seeing the hordes of toothless wonders that frequent the carnival rides. I am feeling ugly, so I gotta go hit the fair. Peace out!

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elizabeth said...

Hi Kelly. We have gotten two great mattresses at Beds, Beds, Beds in SR on Industrial Ave. Looks like address is 3535 Industrial, next to the Goodwill. We also bought a great mattress here in Montana called a Sleepfit 5000, I think they are made in Salt Lake City.

Its terrible to have a lumpy bed. Hope you get a new mattress soon!