Thursday, August 14, 2008

This photo was taken by Olga Varlomova at the Headlands 5o mile last Saturday.

This week has gone by so quickly, it is scary! Work has been busy and it is hard to keep up with everything that I like to get done. I've taken a few days off from running and I can't believe how much extra time I have. Yesterday, while finishing up my run, I noticed that a neighbor's house was on fire. Unfortunately, it is severely damaged with damages estimated to be over 400,000 dollars. I am so sad for that family. When I was a little kid, fire was my biggest fear. I still feel a panic run through my body when I see flames anywhere.

The Olympics have been great! I just read that Michael Phelps consumes approximately 12,000 calories a day! Apparently many of the top swimmers swim between 35-40 miles per week! Wow! Can you imagine being in the water that much? I like to swim, but that seems ridiculous. Amazing athletes and performances. I got into the pool for a short swim the other day and I think everyone swimming was there because they were motivated by the Olympics to be there. First off, everyone was older and basically non-swimmers. (I don't think they realized this). They take up an entire lane flailing about, on their backs, legs pointed down to the floor, arms flailing about keeping them somewhat afloat. I tried to pick the lane with the best swimmer. It was really hard to decide. Hmmm. I picked the lane with the slowest swimmer with the best form. She needed a lot of room to swim. We split the lane and it was almost impossible to swim next to her, as I needed to make myself very thin as not to get hit with either her legs or her arms. It was exhausting. Usually, there is never a problem at the pool. It is very easy to pick a lane because there is almost no one occupying it. Not since the Olympics! Okay, Michael Phelps, see what you've done?!

I hope you all have a happy Thursday! Enjoy!


Bob Gentile said...

Hey Kelly first off a HUGE Congrats on you WIN....WOW WOW WOW so awesome, I have been crazy busy lately so blogging has been a little behind.

Did you use the Recover Ease after the race (8 capsules daily for 2 weeks) I never used it that long but did do it for 5 days and it helped curious about that and I hope it sped up your recover time.

and very sad about that dang fire, they are scary!!!

Lastly GO USA GO and I sooooo hope Phelps gets 8 Golds!!

kelly said...

Hey Bob, thanks so much! I did try the Recover Ease... but 8 caps x 2 weeks? I missed that in the literature. I only took 8 caps after the run. I was wondering.....Geez, how dumb can I be? I will read up on it a little better now. Thanks!