Saturday, November 29, 2008

My three kids have been home for the Thanksgiving Holiday and it has been nothing short of great. We hiked, ate our favorite foods and just had a lot of time to catch up. Chelsea brought her puppy Bentley home and he is doing great. That has made us all happy. Matt's son Lloyd is home too, so the whole gang has been here. Lot's of laughing and commotion happening at all times.

Naomi and I ran yesterday in Annadel for 1.5 hours. It was a chilly, foggy morning and we had a lot to talk about. Unfortunately, we only get to run together about once a week. We have been running together for over 15 years. We have even backpacked with our families a couple of times, but that was years ago. Naomi has been a great friend and she even paced me at Western States 100 and Wasatch Front 100. I have a feeling that pacing me sent her over the edge and she will probably never pace anyone again. LOL.

On the racing side of things, Suzanna won the Quad Dipsea yesterday!! Yaaahhh!! I knew she would. She has been running so well lately. Way to run like a girl, Suz! I don't know her time, all I know is that she kicked royal booty in the womens race. For all of you who have run that race, you know it is not a walk in the park. That race chews you up and then spits you out. Four. Times. She will running Hurt 100 in January. I am sure she will rock there.

Today was a nice 7.5 mile run in the park with an upper body weight workout tonight. I am feeling good and getting excited for my race in Costa Rica.

Have a happy Monday.

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Rick Gaston said...

I'm excited for your race in Costa Rica!

I got to briefly wish Suzanne good luck before the start and then she was gone. She looked so strong out there. Kelly even though you weren't there it felt like you were because of your friends. You even came in one of the conversations, all good things.

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving and thank you for all the kind words. I'd like to make the "big run", we'll see how my legs fare after the Northface 50-miler this weekend - last race of the year.