Friday, November 21, 2008

Running on the Western States 100 trails

Tomorrow morning, really early, I am leaving for Foresthill to run on the Western States 100 course for 31 miles. I can't wait. Hopefully, I will take pictures and have them to show off. If not, well, then I will just have to tell you about it.

Today was a sad day as my daughter Chelsea's puppy is critically ill after having a book shelf fall on him. He only weighs 5lbs and I am just worried sick about him. He is just so cute and my heart goes out to Bentley. He has internal injuries and is bleeding. I will let you know when I know more.

I ran for 2 hours today in Annadel with Suz and it was another beautiful day. It was cold and crisp but the sky was blue and we had a great run. Running in comfortable socks make any run more enjoyable. I just love my Drymax socks! They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn and I will wear them tomorrow for my long run. I encourage you to try them out and see for yourself. I guarantee that you will love them the first time you try them. No more Injinji's for me!

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Blog My said...

Hope you had an awesome 31 miler and took some good pics for us :-)